Spiritual Quantum Physics - Fall of Age of Pisces

Pisces is the fall

Now, rotate 30 degrees in the galaxy of space around the Sun under the heading of “Aquarius Era”, “Pisces love age will die.

As the Earth pisces horoscopes daily orbits the Sun once a year, our entire solar system around the galaxy every rotation of the Sun in 2000.

Our energy Pisces Daily Horoscope through your pisces horoscopes solar system will be different. This will be the new energy, we can use it to create a new reality for themselves. ‘Age of Aquarius “is a spiritual energy.” Pisces age of emotional energy.

"Aquarius age" older ", I know." Our solar system and many of the so-called mystery of the Galaxy, we will open.

A man about the age, which will improve your heart and your wisdom and knowledge.

We have this incredible journey of the sun around the galaxy leaving in 1950

We have found that quantum physics, science and radiation particles Orgone Generation and the Internet law. Who knows the future will bring in 1950.

New science, new religion, new treatments, coexistence and the world participate in new forms, new visitors from other parts of our galaxy.

Psychological energy, this new “era of Aquarius” is not purely physical or the actual energy performance. This is our galaxy with our thinking and the formation of new energy, to create a healthier, happier world.

Laws of quantum physics tells us that there is a thinking intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean infinite ocean. The spiritual heart of quantum physics, God calls.

We live, move, and in this Quantum Ocean, God heart. Our thoughts, interaction, and intellectual level of the infinite ocean of energy, is the heart of God, our bodies see the reality around us. We create our lives.

Now we can use our minds, an interactive creative, to create the quantum ocean energy and wisdom for themselves and for mankind as a new reality.

A spirit of the basic rules of quantum physics to think about some things, and create. So, think you do not want to start doing what you think.

"Age of Aquarius", the new energy will be with us more than in 1950.

"Pisces died young. Energy, create all the reality of Pisces, it stopped. They no longer exist in this part of the galaxy," Pisces age. Therefore, no cosmic energy, to save time on the Pisces energy runs.

Frank Buck, the great “white hunter”, which is full of our animals in a zoo to capture buffalo statement. Once, I and secret weapons, a huge water buffalo hunting in the lake, and commanded them. Buck has a direct weapon carriers, play a big gun, killing a buffalo. But the intensity and buffalo killed the momentum of all developments. This brush Barker and killed him with guns.

Gun’s standard-bearer is dead ‘dead cow’ because of its momentum.

Do not let the plants die, “the age of Pisces you down the road kill you. Pull.

This will require about 100 years before the age of these dinosaurs Piscean will die, but the millions of people to their unconscious.

Pisces institutions on which die? Official dogmatic religion, political systems are not updated, chemical, scalpel antitrust, a huge shark, such as commercial, military vehicles, the educational system and many other ignorant.

"Pisces age, I adjusted my words:" I believe. Man from 2000 years ago, some self-appointed leaders in all fields stand, he said.

Now, in the “Age of Aquarius, the keyword” I know. “On an individual will have the opportunity to learn what living in another system, this is the confidence in life.

2000 years ago, a master of “the people how to do this is still applicable today.” Ah, you among them, let the dead bury their dead. Let the fish was buried.


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